O3 Win missing pricing and totals, Staketology missing my stake

My O3 Win wallet version 3.0.8 says “No pricing data available” for all coins. When I open Staketology it doesn’t ask to connect, the browser opens and none of my staking is showing.

My O3 Android wallet also doesn’t show pricing and totals but Staketology does show my staking.

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I’m having the same problems are these just bugs that can be fixed or something else.

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I am having this problem too!

Both the Win and Android wallets and Staketology are working now. Maybe I’ve missed a few but every ticket I’ve looked at with this topic, O3 support has never responded. This really ruins confidence in the O3 wallet.

Sorry for the late reply. O3 is upgrading currently and the new version will back in June. Please do not worry, your assets are not missing. Sometimes there may be some bugs happen during this period, but there will be resolved after the new version is released. And If you have any problems please let me know :slight_smile:

O3Admin When New version release ?