Official Announcement: ONT Staketology

Dear O3 users,

ONT Staketology is going to be removed from O3 Wallet starting on 1 November. To keep staking ONT, please move on to other platforms. O3 Labs will continue providing the crypto community with professional and reliable services.

O3 Team

dear O3 team,

My staked ontology’s in stakeology are gone, can i redeem them?

REMINDER: Staketology will go offline permanently on January 25th, 2021. Please migrate stakes or withdraw ONT assets immediately. O3 wallet will be unaffected by this removal and will continue to support the ONT network. Please backup private keys & install any pending updates. O3 admins will never ask for your private keys.

If further assistance is needed to access or recover any staked ONT assets, please visit our website and select the contact option to send an email to our support team. If your wallet is backed up safely, then your assets will also remain safe. No worries, O3 team has your back!

User Guide for Recovering Staked ONT assets :point_down: