ONG balance stuck


Hi! I am a new user of your wallet and have recently bought ONT tokens. At first i bought a few ONT tokens an so the balance of ONG rising from time to time. Than I bought more ONT and now ONG balance is stuck. It has past over a day.

This i my wallet address: AUxFvH5ePEQsEzReHMF7RcAwZTZLvsU7ss



Thanks for using O3 :slight_smile:
The issue here is that every time you make a transaction (send or receive) in ONT, it will fix the claimable ONG. It will stay the same until you claim the ONG, and then you can see the rest. No worries, it is always generating in the background and you can claim the amount of ONG later even though you can’t see it right now.

I sent you a bit of ONG, now you should be able to claim your first bit of ONG (0.00624471), and then you can see what else has been accumulating (0.36+). Try it out :wink:


It worked out just as you wrote! Thank you so much!