ONG not sending, but getting charged ONG fee


Tried sending some ONG, went through all the steps, which looked to be successful. Charged the 0.01 ONG fee, but the original ONG transaction does not complete or show in transaction history.



Can you please post your address so we can look into it?
Also, are you on mobile or desktop app, and which operating system?

Kind Regards,


Hey, it’s Hi AP8Kj7tPrqMjLXbbU2dEnH5PzzjJiYMFdA

Using the mobile app, iOS 12.3.1 iPhone XS Max


It seems like you don’t have any ONT. You need to hold ONT to be able to claim ONG.


Hi, I’m not trying to claim it, but send it. I’ve sent it now - I forgot to make sure I left the 0.01 for the fee.