ONG not showing


Hello … i had swaped 1ONT token on trial to ont mainnet coin and that i received today but ONG is still O . when ONG updated.? will it be updated after all ont token swap.? also the ONt token price was around $7 and the ont mainnet coin price showing around $3 … it means we are in loss of $4 for every token swap .



Please check this FAQ by Ontology regarding the ONT and ONG. You need to have a transaction come in or go out for the ONG to show up. Later we will support claiming of ONG if you hold ONT in the O3 wallet as well.

Regarding the price, that is not something we can control. The price has been going down for a while now, don’t think it was anywhere near $7 for the past few weeks. The $3,50 price right now should be correct and you can see this on major exchanges as well.

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