ONG sync not working



I have my ONT (main net tokens) on my ledger, and I have been accessing it using my NEO app. I try to sync my ONG tokens and it is giving me an error message. Do I need to install an ONT app on the ledger to do the sync?

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Exactly, as ONT is on a separate blockchain you need the Ontology app installed on your ledger to be able to send/claim.

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Thank you for getting back to me, my problem is my unclaimed ONG tokens are on the original NEO chain ledger app. If i add an ONT ledger app, will I have access to the same address to claim those ONG?


Yes, as long as you use O3 (which is the only app enabling both chains on the same address) you can use the ONT ledger app to claim and make transactions from the same NEO/ONT address.


ok, great, let me try it out :slight_smile: thanks