ONG syncs up, but can't claim even though fee tx went through


I synced the O3 wallet, to collect the ONG shown, through my Ledger Nano S. When I approved the transaction on my Ledger, the tx fee shows to go through, but the ONG goes back to saying “claim”.

I’m using the desktop O3 wallet on Windows 10 through my Ledger Nano S.
My public address is AJKQ6kRghMYPnr6wz2hcCGzsrpY34eyytZ

I synced and claimed the GAS in the O3 wallet shown just fine.

Any help will be much appreciated.



Which version of the app are you on?
Also, can you try to just make a regular transaction of 2 ONT to your own address and see if that will get the claim through?

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