Ont and ong not shwoing in my wallet

my wallet not showing ont and ong in my wallet pls do needful my ontollogy wallet address below

Yes… i am having the same problem


having this same problem

I have same problem also

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Try recovering funds through private key. My wallet is only showing neo and gas no other funds are showing.

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I can’t even send gas out right now. I haven’t used this app for maybe a year for sending/receiving and I see no transaction from any previous times. I see it is not active on the forums either, is this app still around?

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same problem here


Same here. Only showing NEO and Gas, no other assets.

Same problem on IOS .

Same problem and i do not receive gas from neo

Having the same issues, plus I’m not receiving gas anymore and neo price isn’t updating

It is a scam ??

No news on Twitter, ni news from support ? My neo are blocked . It is not possible to withdraw ! What ´s happening ?

What in the world is going on? This is frustrating

I’m having the same problem

I’m having same problems.Has admin responded how to fix it.?

only good news is i still see ong generating

Back on track! ONT and ONG ok now. You could read the small print on the emails that on weekends they don’t respond. Japan is on different time obviously and they took care of it anyhow-- it seems good guys. . Whew.