Ont swap o3wallet

If we leave ont in o3wallet the swap is done alone?

If you haven’t swapped the NEP-5 token to the Ontology main network you have to do it manually, check out our guides on Desktop.


The process on mobile is very similar, you should be able to see a card like this on the WALLET tab of your O3 Wallet


Just tap the swap tokens button and it will guide you through the process

Let us know if we can help more

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Hi, how long does it take for the swap to take place, I’ve read between 24 hours to a month? It’s been more than 24 hours, so I am leaning to a month or till the end of the month when another snapshot is taken.

Ontology only does the swap once a month now. I think you will get the tokens on or around January 5th. For more info please check with Ontology.

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Cheers, I was looking at medium on the token swap FAQ and it does match up. I was just reading different bits of information and wasn’t sure on what was accurate. I did the token swap using the desktop wallet no issue but at the end it said it should take 24 hours. So I wasn’t really sure, then thought perhaps I did it incorrect, so thought I should check. You’ve put my mind at ease, hope your having a Merry Christmas and a brilliant New Year! :smiley:


At the time, i had the technological inhibition of an old mac laptop that couldn’t run the new software. in the last hours before the switch, i managed to create an O3 account (using a DOS simulator) Then i sent all my ONT to my account.
I was so proud of myself for overcoming at the last minute, only to learn that i had sent it to my ONTID address. I was unaware i had to create a separate wallet.

i sent 1500 ONT worth $855 with no possible way to reclaim. but i must have one of the more valuable ONTIDs out there.