Ont token swap still open in O3?


Is it still possible to swap ONT (nep5) tokens in O3? I understood there is still an open window with ONTO app.


Hello, yes we leave the swap option open. Like Ontology explains in the article instead of 24 hours it will be only checked once a month, so please keep that in mind.


By mistake I sent 3773 ONT tokens to the swap again on 2018.10.06 @ 20:00. Is there any way how I can get them back to my wallet?
Thank you.


Hi there,

I’m assuming you mean mainnet tokens and not NEP5 tokens correct?
To be honest I don’t think there is anything that can be done if it’s mainnet tokens. But to get a final answer the only thing you can do is contact Ontology and ask them if they can do anything.


Just to be clear, I’ve swapped my nep5 ont through O3 yesterday. They aren’t lost, I should be expecting them sometime in the next month, and shouldn’t be panicking, correct?


Yeah that should be fine. The next deadline is November 1st, so I would expect you to get the mainnet tokens somewhere early November, but if you want to be sure please contact Ontology as they do the swaps manually now :wink:


Thanks for the quick response