Oops! Need to know if I've lost a transfer 😮

Hi O3
I’ve sent a Neo token to an ontology wallet, is there any way of retrieving it?
Any help appreciate



Basically the NEO and Ontology addresses are the same. In case of an exchange, for most of them it’s still the same address but it could be separate depending on the exchange. If you own the private key to the wallet where you sent the NEO to, you can just log into there and it should show up (only on O3 though as that’s the only wallet supporting both).

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I did it the same about 4monts ago wrote to support of ONT and still waiting for change the format and make it visible in o3 wallet.
They said to me I need to wait.


Hi Lupa,

You mean you asked them to swap your NEP5 ONT token to the mainnet token, and they still haven’t done so?

yes, still waiting… :frowning:

I see, sorry to hear that. Unfortunately there’s not much we can do from our side. I would suggest sending them reminders from time to time and hopefully they can get you your ONT!