Passphrase is incorrect

I have the Desktop O3 wallet. I have NEO key to log in wallet. Also full NEO access to acct without pass. And also the 12 letter pass. I always keep the same passphrase through all wallets. Why all of a sudden is not working with this wallet. I also have the file .JSO to login with ETH and NEO. Is there any way to withdraw my coins from that Neo wallet. Urgency, please. The NEO version wallet is NEO 8242514, version 3.8.7

Hi mrchicken213, please try the following steps and see if it works for you:
1 uninstall and re-download the latest version
2 use your private key to re-import the wallet and reset the password as well

Please contact us if the issue persists.


got it to work. found the passphrase. now my issue is I send Neo token to an eth wallet. is there a way to get that back.

Is that your own ETH wallet?


I am also running into the passphrase is incorrect problem when sending coins from my wallet. I KNOW this is the correct phrase since I have never changed it despite multiple upgrades of my O3 wallet.

hello I’m having problem with my N3 wallet so i connect to O3 i unblock my normal neo wallet
i have private key for the N3 wallet, but when i enter it ask passphrase, i try same like at normal wallet, dont work, i try other things i could had put dont work, i try all my possible passwords dont work… i mean idk, how can i reset my nr if i own only the private key?

got the same problem, waiting for an answer

I also have the same issue.
When I’m trying to log in to my neo3 wallet, wallet is asking to upgrade neo3 address to N3MainNet and asking for private key for unlocking wallet,
I have my encrypted key from neo3. My passphrase hasn’t changed but it does not unlock my wallet.

@frankieW33 @skersys For anyone having this problem, I had it too and managed to fix it by first importing a “watch only address” by entering your public address after “import existing wallet”.
Then you can “manage wallet” for this “watch only wallet” and unlock it there with your encrypted key and passphrase. There it does work.
Hope this explanation is clear enough.


@Strict-Bug-8192 @lgourlay

That worked!
testertje777 you’re a rockstar! Thank you.
O3 should be paying you for providing the support they’re clearly not bothered to provide themselves.

thank you very much !!! i got it back, god bless you !!! it worked!! o3 support is dead, i will transfer my funds to safe place… thank you again :slight_smile: