Problem claiming ong


Hi there, i’m haring the same problem claiming ong. I have none to pay the fee. Can i buy Some ong from you Guys? Or get Some to claim. Here my adres : ATHgqfgM4auNRuCeP5B6wJNyogDYFnkwHtT


Hey there,

I just sent you some ONG. Please just check this:

Just make sure you read that topic and are aware of the network fees :wink:
If you claim too often you pay more than you will receive.


Can sent me some Ong I can’t sent out my ont AZATtJ9CbVjwet5fGyvJPQLt17HWX4qXWK



Im having the same problem. Transferred all my ONT over to the Owallet a day or two ago and now I cant claim ong or send ont because of the network fee. So my coins are stuck in limbo now? lol


If someone would be so kind and to help me out here Id greatly appreciate it. Thanks!! My address is AGLLcBjkVbdFZueFatsP1RQqRTK1pAPKQL


sent to both! You should be able to claim/send now.


Thank you so much!! :slight_smile:


Hi, could you please send me? ) AN1D7DY7tZj4Z7wjW5h7Cb3eBpzSGurGjm
I’ll re-send after claim mine )