Problem with 03 wallet


20 minutes ago, it seemed my wallet (on IOS) had just the same problem (not able to collect gas) as everyone else, now, after logging out and back in, I still can’t claim gas, but now my balances are 0. I know it’s gotta be something silly, but still makes me feel uneasy. Please help. Thanks


I’m having the same issue as well.


Hi guys, sorry. Something we can’t figure out straight away. We will look into this and let you know asap. But indeed your balances are safe, it’s just a matter of it showing incorrectly.


Me too! I have same problem


i think we all having the same problems guys everything seems to be down ^^
cold storage , claim gas , balances everything except the news section xD


Yeah, sorry… We’re trying to find out what the issue is.
Claiming GAS should work again though!


Btw in a random telegram group i think i have seen the new update with the token sale and everything all in Italian.
I didn’t have the time to screenshot it because the admin delete it almost immediately.

So i was wondering if some country’s already got the newest version :slight_smile:


Not in Italian… But the Japanese version is out and we’re working on the Chinese version!
The language shouldn’t change the issues we have been dealing with though :wink:


Nice , i was also wondering, when i see the list of the available servers, under the network tab in settings, all the available servers are in there, we can see the ones that are running and the block height of each one of them but their is also another number displayed that ranges from say 10 to 150, is that the ping ?

I also noticed that when i change the server manually it always goes back in automatic selection when quitting the app.


Hello, this bottom number is the amount of peers connected to the node. So for both numbers it’s best to select the highest number.

We make it so that the best node gets selected automatically, and normally this is working so we recommend the automatic mode :wink:


我则是在网络很不错的情况下提示我发出错误 检查网络。不安!


Also have issue with GAS claim for past few weeks. It shows in my transaction history as successfull and sent to correct address but never refelcts in my GAS wallet. I have used and external NEO to GAS wallet balance check and balance shows that GAS claim coins has been subtracted but the balance in my GAS wallet does not reflect the claim even after weeks


我能请教你一个问题吗?我为什么在往地址发出货币时 老是提示我发币出错呢?还要我检查网络设置,我的网络设置并没有问题?这是为什么呢?哥们


Hi, I can’t claim my ONG gas and also, my collect of ONG are blocked… Can u help me ??


Hey, just send us an email at
I assume you don’t have any ONG, and you need to have ONG to be able to claim or send.
Check out this topic: Fees for ONT/ONG sending and ONG claiming