Problems post Windows update


I had problems with the latest Windows update to the extent that I had to reinstall Windows leaving my files and data intact. I had to reinstall apps, including O3. Other wallets recognized my backup and recognized the assets. It looks as thought the installation over-wrote my backup with zero assets. None of my four cryptos show up at all. I thought I had enough info to recover but so far no luck. Am I out of luck or am I missing something?



When you created your wallet you should have been asked to make a back up of your private keys (or encrypted keys + password). Looking at the fact you had to reinstall the wallet data is most likely gone, and the only way to get back in would be with your back up keys.

If you can look for a wallets.json file on your computer that might help you restore it but I cannot guarantee that the data was left intact after your reinstall of windows.


Thank you for your response. Believe it or not, I was able to restore the wallet. All is good in crypto land!