Problems with N3


As ‘early bird “ I migrated my neo tokens on the 8 th of august from neo legacy with public adres AGei72H4cfcwBBcMnggnumt8Xx4uPjRvgb to my N3 wallet with public adres Nb3PPskvuj1cAwbgpH6dMfa1E3L5NXM1L8

I hold my tokens on my ledger nano S in combination with my neonwallet . I used mij O3 wallet for the migration.

My O 3 wallet gives the correct ammount but is not possible to send or receive neo to other N3 adresses or exchanges. Besides I cannot see the history of the migration anymore after upgrading the O3 wallet to 3.8.3. Also the governance voting seems to be a problem. I migrated 2504 neo but the voting procedure cannot be followed.

It seems that this “early bird “is locked up

Please help.

Kind Regards,

Cees van der Made

The netherlands

Hi Cees van der Made,

Could you please try to re-import your private key of your N3 wallet and check if the N3 address is the same with the above N3 address Nb3PPskvuj1cAwbgpH6dMfa1E3L5NXM1L8?