Restoring O3 wallet

We had an older O3 wallet on our Android phone. It was recognizing how many GAS we had, but now it doesn’t see it. We deleted that wallet and is trying to restore into the new version.

We don’t see an O3 wallet just for GAS. Which one do we restore the old Gas wallet to? Etherum, NEO, NEO3?

you can import the Neo private key to the Neo wallet (not Neo3)

We tried to import into the Neo Wallet. On the app, I’ve entered my user password, and I entered private key in the private key section. Is the passphrase the same as the password?

We established this wallet over 3 years ago. There was no passphrase back than.


this is not the same password
when you import with private key, you will need to set a new one for transaction and login used