Sending GAS to trading account


I cannot send GAS to my trading account in the O3 android app. It always says, “Failed. Try later.”


Hi there,

Can you try going to apps (under rocket icon), then click UTXO Manager?
Follow the steps there to combine your UTXOs and then try again.
If it still doesn’t work after that can you please let me know your wallet address, and which version of the O3 app you are using?

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Before I posted, I already used the UTXO dApp to reduce my GAS UTXO count to one.

After trying repeatedly to deposit GAS to my O3 built-in trading account, I still receive the error, “Failed. Try again later.”

Here is my public address: AX2Z5ZVjiHie6mpmpjX9ph5iRMGeXe58Wg
My O3 wallet version is 2.9.1

Thanks in advance


Hmm, that’s strange, we cannot find anything out of the order…
Can you check whether it changes anything being on wifi or 4G cellular network?


I have given up on trying to deposit GAS to my trading account.

I have noticed that SwapO3 will not complete the first page if trying to trade GAS ===>NEO which is what I was trying to do in the first place with the trading account.


I’m sorry to hear that. We are working on an improved version of both so hopefully in a couple of weeks we will be able to offer you an easier way to do all of this.


I was swayed to use O3 wallet rather than any of the other wallet options for NEO because of their cool feature set. I have now found two (2) features that don’t work (and yes, I am counting), so what’s the point of your feature rich O3 wallet, if the features don’t work?

  1. Cannot deposit GAS to trading account
  2. Cannot swap GAS for NEO in O3Swap app


Hi again. We totally understand your point, and as I said are working on an improvement of the trading/swap function.

For the deposit of GAS into the trading account specifically, it seems to be an issue on Android and maybe even on specific phones only. Which phone do you use if I may ask?