Some problems with O3 wallet


Good morning,

I like the wallet but i have some minor issues with it. The desktop wallet does not sync claimable GAS properly. It said i had 0.5 gas to claim, i claimed it and then it said i had 0.7 gas to claim and i claimed that amount also. Why did it not say 1.2 gas and claim it in one go?

When i close the windows O3 wallet it remains active in the background processes. When i look in the taskmanager in background processes i have now 7 O3 processes running. Why does it not close entirely?

I imported my ledger neo wallet in the mobile app. It always gave me notifications when i received something but this suddenly stopped. I did not change anything. In notifications it says all types are on.

Thanx in advance for answers to my questions.



This is just how NEO and GAS work. There is not much we can do about it. The process consists of 2 steps, syncing and claiming, so you could have an X amount of claimable GAS and more building up in the background.

This is just to keep your app open to connect to any dApps. It should not have 7 different processes running though. If at any time you want to close the app completely just right click and close.

We will look into this part.


Thank you very much!