Stakeology App not Showing Stakes or Nodes


As the title indicates, the Stakeology app is not showing any consensus nodes or stakes, it’s just blank. No the owallet from GitHub shows the stakes and everything fine, but the stakeology app for the o3 wallet is showing a blank. So the problem is there somewhere.


Thanks for reporting, were looking into it!


Good day
I can’t stake as the nodes won’t appear it is just blank could you please assist me

We are already staking fine in the o wallet but after seeing the video and being able to see the rewards we want to stake all in O3 wallet

Please advise
Thank you


Hi, sorry about that. As indicated above, we are working on it. We’ll make sure to fix it all in the coming days before the current round ends so everyone will be able to stake/withdraw in time.


Well, don’t know if it was you, but everything’s working fine now.


Yes there was an issue with the node we connected to. My colleague contacted Ontology about it and they fixed it :wink: