Stakeology issues


The stake is not working. I have been using 2.0.1 the whole time. Had staked some for the upcoming round. At the last minute, I wanted to stake more. I was not able to stake - the slide for stake amount pops up, but the slider doesn’t move, won’t click. Hopefully the stakes are not lost or disrupted. There is a sudden, new problem with ONT staking, and software and system have not changed at all in the past 2-3 since successful staking.


Hi Brian,

Sorry to hear that. Either way your current stakes will not be affected, it’s just an issue you can’t put in your extra stake.

Can you try updating the wallet to 2.0.2 and see if it works then?


Actually it worked just fine now. Seems to be ok right now. But I didn’t know there was a 2.0.2 - I’ll try updating anyway to stay current.