Staketology Not Showing Pending Stake

Hello, here is my address.

In this wallet, I currently have 5 Neo, .00154746 Gas, 505 Ont, and 26.64 Ong. I’m trying to stake with 500 Ont through the online staketology dapp, however it’s not working. I can successfully sync my O3 wallet with the website, and I can successfully choose a pool to stake with and allocate 500 Ont to stake using the slider. The issue arises when I click “Stake Ontology.” I’m given a prompt to sign for the transaction to stake by the O3 wallet, and I can click “approve,” however nothing changes and I don’t see my 500 Ont recorded in the “pending deposit.” The Ont stays in my wallet balance. What could be the issue? When I search block explorer, I can’t see the Ont and Ong that I have in my wallet. Could that have something to do with it?

Hi Andrew,

We are working to solve this problem. Your ONT is still on your wallet balance. The O3 wallet as a whole updating for the new version currently, which may take some time.

I have a similar issue that I cannot withdraw ONT from staking, claim or redeem ONG.

I get the prompt to sign transaction, I sign, completed transaction BUT nothing happens. I have waited and tried again on following block - same issue. The ledger connected to O3 is now able to conduct other regular transactions in the O3 application - just not staketology. Below is wallet address


Thank you for the prompt update! Just so I’ll know when to check back in; when do you expect to have the wallet updated and functioning?

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Same thing… when i claim my stake rewards is not give me to do this…
The rewards from unclaimed ong not give Nothing, just obliges me in o.o5 ong

Can anyone help?



We’re sorry for the inconvenience that may have caused you. Please refer to this announcement by The Ontology Team, as it contains important information regarding staking and ONG claim.