Switcheo app does not work properly



The new Switcheo app does not work properlly as it does not fit the screen of my phone, making it unpossible to use and trade. Is there a way I can change the setting or use the older version of the app?



I second that opinion.
Because in the new Switcheo UI the option to change the pair and the buy and sell buttons are at the button and when integrated in O3 there is an extra header at the top, it became useless. Too bad.
Also both Switcheo links launch the new Calisto UI of Switcheo and the previous one is thus not available anymore via O3.


We pushed out the new update yesterday and it’s in review. Hopefully it will be available soon.


In the meantime, You can use the old Switcheo legacy UI at https://legacy.switcheo.exchange/markets/SWTH_NEO

we also added Switcheo legacy UI in the app list.


New update is available on the App Store now.
Can you update and try again?


Just wanted to add I am not getting push notifications on trades or withdrawals since the Callisto update


Ah yeah. We are upgrading our push notification server. Will let you know here when it’s back. Thanks for your patience.