There was an error signing this transaction please make sure you have the correct ledger app open

For a few days I have been receiving this message to request flm or unstaking lp on flamingo. I have the o3 and neo applications on the ledger updated to the latest version, I have closed all the other applications, I use brave and I have removed the shields, I have checked that I am on the application of neo and not of onto but I continue to receive the same error. It no longer recognizes the application and I can no longer validate transactions.
How can I solve this problem? Can anyone help me?
Thanks so much

Actually ledger is not recommended for use with Flamingo guys Ledger devices are hardware devices that were designed for simple transactions and/or cold storage. They are not intended for staking, cross chain swaps, liquidity pools, etc. First of all most of these types of transactions weren’t even possible when they produced many of these hardware wallets. And while they may be able to upgrade the firmware there are still some inherent limitations.

We recommend having your ledger connected to O3 for cold storage and security of your bulk assets, the ledger will protect your PK. That’s the extent of its usefulness.

If interacting with flamingo or other defi platforms is something you wish to pursue, we recommend that you create a new Wallet in the O3 desktop application - which exists outside of ledger- and use this Non-ledger wallet as your defi hot wallet, of sorts.

When you want to stake and wrap, unwrap etc, you should move the amount of coins or tokens from ledger to your O3 defi hot wallet. This software wallet is much more capable than the ledger Bc it does not have any of those physical limitations. It will allow you to interact with flamingo and provides a much better user experience in that regards. Once you have collected your rewards on your O3 Defi Hot Wallet, you can transfer them back to ledger as you wish.