Token notification


There might be a a bug in the wallets token notification alert.
I have just unexpetedly received a message saying that I have received 3 NEO.
Checking my account, unfortunately it seems to be just a glitch

Please see screenshot above. Also looking at the transaction loggs I can see no evidence of any transaction.

Also on a side note, has anyone else noticed all the odd coins in the trading account seems to be cleaned out over the festive season?


Do you happen have any watch address in the wallet?


I only have 2 o3 wallets, they are on separate devices. I have no idea how to set up watch address. I did notice that after the last wallet update to version 2.5.2 that my address book was deleted.


Thanks. We will check our notification system.
for the address book, you mean the data you have saved? The menu is now in Settings > Manage Contacts.

Your address book is saved locally on your device so If you deleted the app, your address book will also get deleted.


Indeed my contacts where lost.
Sounds about right, I think with that update didn’t have my glasses on, hit the wrong button and deleted the app first.


Hello o3
I’m still receiving notifications transfer of funds

I wouldn’t mind but I get all excited when this happens,
just to have my hopes dashed.
It’s not good for my well being :wink:


Hmm have you ever used another private key on this device? I will check again and perhaps change a push message to be “[address] has received” instead.


On that last update when I deleted my wallet, think I installed a fresh wallet, then obviously noticed that my funds where missing. So looked out the private for this wallet and installed this over the top. I was expecting to then have two addresses, or at least be able to login to two different wallets. Only this wallet is visible to login.
Not sure if that makes sence or answers your question.