Tokens doesn't show up in wallet


I made a transfer of 6 different tokens from Neo wallet to O3 but only 2 tokens are visible in my O3 wallet. Receive address is AUmYLD8GqAFf1bhYYJSg6QRQfyqGxTgVJH. Neotracker show all 6 of them. I made the transfer 3 days ago.
Could you help me with this issue, thanks!


Hi there,

Can you also send us the address from where you sent them from? And what address was that? Another wallet, or an exchange?

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Hi Arco,

Thank you for your quick respond!

The tokens were sent from a Neon wallet: AbELyqJ9kK45obZ8UC2cVBffuUWAkLNkXX

First I transfered 2 tokens (Gas and Ava) and they did arrived and after that I transfer the other 4.

Hope we can find a solution for this.

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Hi Edwin,

The problem is there is a bug with NEON wallet. The tokens are actually stil in your wallet address.
Your transaction was submitted to the blockchain but it failed because multiple tokens sending costs more than 10 GAS(free limit, set by NEON). Neotracker is using notification system to show balance without checking the status (fail/success) which is why it shows on neotracker but not on neoscan.

I would suggest to import your address into O3 directly. You can do this by following this guide:

The design of NEON wallet has changed, but you can still get the same back up file from NEON v2.0

Hi Arco,

I updated the Neon wallet to v2.0 and the tokens are visible again. Its now a matter of sending them to the O3 wallet.

Thank you for your help, appriciate it!

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