Transaction (sale of about 4,900 LX coins) that is stuck half way through completion


I have a transaction (sale of about 4,900 LX coins) that is stuck half way through completion, I have waited for it to finish for days and have tried seeing what’s going on in the trading side, but I can’t figure it out… I just want my neo coin or the LX back. Thank you for your time.



If your order didn’t go through 100% that means that your price was too high/low for the existing orders in the switcheo order book. You can always just cancel your order and you will get back the remaining tokens. Just click the order in the order screen and then cancel it.

I’m sorry that the trading experience is not as simple as you would like to see it. We will be working on an improved version and make it more simple and straightforward.


I have tried clicking on cancel trade in order tab, it is stuck and won’t let me cancel the transaction… I appreciate what you guys are doing.


Can you please send us your address and a screenshot of the page, then we can have a look for you!


Thank you for responding. My address is: AP2QgVwyPYSxqYVv7UaTFMvFuqBZvrnMpY


If you can take a look I would appreciate it. Kind regards.


Hello again,

I have just looked into it and cannot find anything strange, I’m not sure why it will not let you cancel unless the order was already canceled and tokens were already withdrawn from there.

Can you try the following:
Go to marketplace (rocket icon) and then click apps on right.
Click Switcheo Legacy UI. Click ‘Wallet Login’ on top right, and then ‘connect to O3 Wallet’.
Click ok, authorize, and then click login. Next click Orders on the far right of the screen on the top.

If you can take a screenshot of that page that would be great.
If it shows your order there and it also shows it is filled for only 50% can you try and click it to cancel through there to see if that works?

Kind Regards,


From this screenshot it looks like it has been completed, but I just wondered… I can’t wait until the interface is 100 percent without issues.


Hello again,

It seems there is a small bug in the Android version causing the percentage to show incorrectly. We’re sorry for this, it is being fixed.

What it means is that the amount/percentage showing in Switcheo is correct, your order got 100% filled already for 2.054589 NEO. The LUX has thus been traded in (which is now gone) and you have received 2.054589 NEO upon completion of the trade and it should already be in your wallet/trading account.

We will be fixing the bug in Android so it will not happen again, but please know there was nothing wrong with the trade you made, it was just not showing the percentage correctly in the order overview.


Thank you for explaining. I do appreciate the quick responses. Thanks for your time. Happy new year!


Same to you! :confetti_ball: