Transaction showing up on but not in 03 wallet, neotracker or neoscan


2018-10-30 , I transferred ONT on binance exchange to 03 wallet but until now it didnot apear any transaction or my ONT in 03 wallet or, neotracker. But when i checked my address on it showed up my ONT , and transaction confirmed. Can anyone help me please, i am so panic now. My address is AR4mnrRkWM4BuqWrwY1mAMkr5n72gyx4Tt :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:



Usually a transfer from Binance to an external wallet takes a bit longer. Even though the transaction shows as confirmed on Binance it might take a while longer. Please check back in an hour or so, if it still is not there please post the transaction id here so we can check.

Also, it will never show up on neoscan or neotracker as ontology is now a completely separate chain from NEO.

Please be assured, your transaction will come in without any problems.

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its still not there, my trans id : 52858fe8e714c0bacbbd150b3e0d47867f1b7647c1e0da38c45b05bbad1a9e4c



What version of O3 are you on? And what phone are you using?
I can see the tokens are in your address, so no worries:

If you can also send a screenshot of your wallet page (the wallet icon) that would be helpful.


i am using O3 wallet for MAC, i think its the latest version because i just downloaded it two weeks ago.
My wallet page



The address that is showing there is not the same address as where you sent the transaction. The transaction with Ontology was sent to: AR4mnrRkWM4BuqWrwY1mAMkr5n72gyx4Tt
Your wallet here shows AJN…
If you added multiple wallets, can you click the dropdown menu and see if you have added the one starting with AR4m… as well?


You do not know this address: AR4mnrRkWM4BuqWrwY1mAMkr5n72gyx4Tt ?
I’m sorry to hear if you sent it to the wrong address… That would be a shame.



just unclocked the wallet back, thank for your help