Transaction shows up on neotracker but not on neoscan or in the wallet


Hello all,
I need your help and at the same time i want to inform you about my story as i was likely scammed. there was NEX token seller yesterday and suggested to do a deal directly so he started sending me NEX first, 100 NEX each batch ( 400 total). i checked the neotracker and i was seeing the NEX in my address. We finished the deal, but the wallet balance did not show NEX. I tried another wallet but still the same. i checked the transaction id for one of the transaction on neoscan, it shows some detailes, but it does not say NEX or show the sender - receiver addresses. did you have such experience (i hope not)? any suggestions or solutions?

it has been mor than 24 h.

I appreciate any help!



Can you post your address, so we can check and find out exactly what has happened?


Here it is



I’m sorry to say but I think indeed you were scammed. There is a difference between how NEOtracker and NEOScan give you your balances. The scammer in this case probably identified this and made use of this to scam people. I wonder how many other people have had this same issue…

I’m very sorry but there is nothing that we can do to get back your funds. But if you don’t mind, would you be able to post as much information as you can regarding the scammer here, on reddit (if you use it) and on other social media like NEO related telegram channels so we can at least try and prevent it from happening to other people?

It would be good if you can post a screenshot of how the person contacted you, and/or what is name was and his wallet address.


Thank you very much arco! I appreciate your responsiveness and help.
I have posted on NEO reddit. Here are more details.
the seller telegram is @kopylovalex
the scammer address: AdogsCwE1RBjfWvdatQ4sS3TZWFVvWGhzx
I have tracked back the NEX tokens in this address, and it seems that there way more NEX token with similar scenario.
Here is my address

TX id (two suspicious transactions)

There 5*100 NEX transactions received from this address AdogsCwE1RBjfWvdatQ4sS3TZWFVvWGhzx , all of them with the same problem. I could only add 2 links due the website policy.

Another thing is that, when I log into my wallet using neotracker, I see the tokens and can transfer them. However, when I access the wallet using neon wallet or O3 wallet, I do not see the tokens.

I just cannot understand what is going on.


Thank you for the info!

Just to double check, you say when logging into neotracker you can see them and transfer them. But I don’t think you can transfer them to another wallet right? What happens when you try to send them to another wallet you own?