Unable to withdrawal GAS

Could you record the screen for unsuccessful Gas transaction Bc we cannot retrieve the error?

I’m so sorry that answering to late. It is regarding my case and I want to sort it out.
Last update have been done.
I open app.
On top of screen klick on SEND icon.

Then I fill address where to send,
Then what I want to send GAS,
How much I want to send, I klick ALL,
and then klick on NEX

Then klick CONTINUE,
Then I verify it with my PASSWORD
Then last picture come on screen.

Try again later or try increase priority fee. But I did not choose option priority. I dont want it priority.
Can you see on attached pictures ?
(See pictures in messages belove) New user is allowed to send just one pic)




Do you still have this problem? It works fine on my mobile. Sometimes network congestion may cause this error notice for you. It normally can work later.

Hi Caroline,

Yes my problem still remain. I am unable to withdrawal that small amount I have on my account. I already done update, restarted my phone but no changes. See attached picture

your address (ARF…) has too high UTXO, that may cause transaction failure.
Please go to utxo manager in the discover page to decrease UTXO first, then you can transfer successfully.