Unbound ONG stays 0

Address: Ae1xCb2GH1TKBcKFzB4C9khxh6n95fvst3


For some reason Unbound ONG stopped growing. After a few days I claimed it, amount added was the same as Unbound ONG that stuck (1.01681712).

Now it always stays at 0. I tried sending and receiving ONT, ONG stays 0…

Any Idea why all of this is happening?

Could you provide the screenshot for the issue and the wallet version that you r using?

I’m using OWallet v0.9.24 on Linux. I did press that updated button near the “Balance” word to be sure.

If you look at transaction history on a block-chain explorer page, I sent myself 7 ONT yesterday, no GAS was received.

I am talking about Unbound ONG that gets added when you just hold ONT.

Sorry, that’s not O3 wallet. did you try to contact with ONTO wallet?