Updated 03 software, now can't access wallet

I just updated my O3 software. I can view my wallet address, but when I try to enter the password – it says not a valid key, please try again.

Unfortunately, I only have a password. Which now doesn’t work.

I’m confused – Why am I suddenly being asked for a private key instead of my password?

If in fact the password and private key are 2 separate things – then I should mention that I have spent weeks using the 03 wallet without ever having knowledge of the private key’s existence.

In other words, while using the O3 wallet extensively over a period of weeks, I never saw an alert saying “Hey user, this is your private key – keep safe!”

Also, before updating the O3 software, there was no alert like “Hey user, you need to get your private key before you update your O3 software – or you’ll lose access to your wallet!”

Very frustrating.

Is there any way I can recover my wallet? I would be very sad to lose it.