Wallet doesn’t work


Hi. Several hours ago occurred a problem. The wallet doesn’t work. It shows only blue screen with o3 logo and that’s all. iPhone 8 iOS 11.4


Same here, my app loads on iOS and then crashes right after. Nothing ever loads, starting doing this morning.


Exactly the same issue, open the ios app, blue o3 screen for about 5 seconds then crashes. Any updates on this fault?


it started working for me, you guys should check


Working again cheers


It’s working now. Thanks.


For me the Claim is not working properly anymore. It states it claimed successfully, but balance doesn’t change, even after force quitting the app.
iOS 11.4. iPhone X. Latest update of O3 app.


I’m sorry, let me look into it.
Please know that because of these issues we made some changes to the GAS claiming function and we will have an update ready in about 2 days. This should solve it for sure.


Your responsiveness is much appreciated as well as your updates on the app :+1:
Also, offer still stands if you want me to beta test a version to see if FaceID can come to live for the app.


Version 1.5 should have it fixed, will be released this week I think