Wallet password

Can o3 Wallet team give me some hint of my Password. I forget my Password. I don’t have Private key. I have only encrypted key

Hi mate, sorry to hear that, if you don’t have Private key, you have to need your encrypted key and password for entering wallet.

Dear team O3
I know my password but still it’s not open & I also write down the password. But still I can not access my account. Kindly confirm can you give me some hint of my Password. So I can recognise my password.

I have use this app

Sorry, we cannot retrieve the user’s password. We upgraded O3 wallet in August, the picture above is our old version, please try to download our latest version.

But now what I can do. Can you give me some hint of my password

Please reply

There was nothing we could do if the user forgot the password and the private key.

Can I try multiple times or my account will lock. How many Reattempt will given fron O3 wallet team

Hi, you can try many times as you want, we never lock your account.
But unfortunately, we did not store any data of your private key and password.

Download the latest version here