What happened to 03? my account!


my 03 account comes up yet there is nothing on the account, just a blank page. my account doesn’t show at all, nor my wallet. I staked my ont, now nothing. any idea of what’s up?


Arco, what happened? Arco, pleze help, can’t find my crypto, ont.


Hi Doug,
Sorry to hear you are having issues. You funds should be safe, so no need to worry. Could you provide a little more information for us?

What operating system are you using?
What version of O3? If not the latest, please update from o3.network and try again.
If you could also provide your address, we can take a look to ensure your funds are where they should be.



Hi Doug, just following up with this issue. We have released a new version of O3 for desktop at o3.network that should fix the problem. The app store versions are currently being processed and should be available in the next 24 hours or so. Thanks for your patience.