Where is my NEO coins?


Today all my coins are disappeared.


Everything is showing $0.00 for me. I had 2 Neo before this disaster.


@Dennis @Azrayne samesies. Have either of you had luck getting a response? I deleted then reinstalled the app, but still the same. It shows my transactions of NEO going in, nothing going out, but the totals are still 0.


As explained in a different topic, sorry but it’s just a matter of the balances showing incorrectly.
If you are worried you can fill in your public address in neoscan and you will see the funds are still there.
We are working on a solution and will give you an update asap.


I went to neotracker.io and was able to see my wallet and claim Gas that way. I’ll be going there until they fix this issues. But everything is same. I would’ve been very disappointed if it weren’t.


So they are showing on neotracker. Would we be able to send them to another wallet until the bugs are fixed?


You can send them to another wallet if you really need to, by logging in with your private key. But this is more risky then leaving it in O3 until it gets solved. Technically your assets are just not showing correctly, but they are safe in your address. If you use your private key to login elsewhere, you expose yourself to unnecessary risk.


The issue has been fixed. You don’t need to update the app. Just pull to refresh or restart the app.

Sorry for the inconvenience and Thank you for your patience.