Withdraw neo to exchange wallet not credited


Withdraw neo from my wallet to exchange it’s not reflected did it yesterday can someone plz help


Same here! Can support please help? I sent it over an hour ago and it’s not showing up in transaction history.


Usually it takes quite a while for exchanges to verify your transaction, so that’s probably why it didn’t show up immediately. Can you check again now, and if it’s still not there please send your wallet address and the exchange address (and if possible a transaction id).


Withdrawel problems still in pending Neo and Gas withdrawel
My exchange address : AYXaSnqReoCvTrxJcHM3KqULHsedHhK6PJ
My O3 address : AZYoPzMaqevtH5TtLoWyixJerQKXfUB98u


Hello, do you mean you withdraw from exchange to your O3 address?
If so, you should contact the exchange, problem is most likely on their side…