Withdraw ont from staketology


hi there,
I have withdraw my ont far before the round ended. now the round is ended and the new round has start. how cat it be that my ont is still pending?




If you log into staketology you can see the state of your stake. What does it say exactly?
Also, can you post your address here so we can look into it?


Hi arco,
It says withdraw pending.

My adres : ATHgqfgM4auNRuCeP5B6wJNyogDYFnkwHt

Thank you for the support



Actually it seems that for stakes into consensus nodes it will take two rounds for your ONT to become withdrawable. I checked using the official Ontology guide here:

I’m sorry but I think you’ll have to wait until the next round.


Okay if thats the case ill wait

Thank you for the support as always you Guys rock