Wrong Gas accumulation

Hi everyone!
I’ve accumulating Gas by hodl Neo for approximately 2 month since my last claim (picture below). However, I only receive around 0.5 Gas(!!!). I thought it was just a display issue so I proceeded to claim. But It not returned me the correct amount (around 1.8 or 2 Gas, since my last check, I dont remember to be exact). Here’s wallet address: AGCX3QBb67AjsCkfSg9Ay8ruazTEXKP7j4
Please help me out. Thank you very much!

Hi, the N2 network has stopped generating gas since block height 8000000, please check Twitter content here:

And it is suggested to migrate your assets to N3 network and claim gas there.


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you mean that it would not take away my Gas, right? I’m just a noob to this kkkk. Let’s me try to migrate my assets then.
Thank you so much for your support!