A world of warning for o3 users regarding other exchanges


Please be aware that no support is available at the recently opened Aphelion Dex. I personally have completed their kyc and executed an order, that was confirmed. My tokens have been taken, and received nothing in return.
Just be warned that I have be try to contact support for almost 6 hours and am unavailable to even register my complaint with any official admin.
Sorry for this new year gripe but don’t want others to experience the distress that I’m currently experiencing.


Not sure if it’s some type of coincidence, but admin have just been in touch, straight after posting this.
Looks like it’s sorted now.:hugs:


Hi @Griff, thanks for the heads up! Very helpful that you share stuff like this for all of the O3 community!

Anyway, glad to hear your issue got solved! Please do share your further experiences with Aphelion exchange.