Does 03 have opportunities for public investment?

Hey guys,
Does 03 offer any opportunities for public investment?


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Thank you so much for your interest! We’re happy to hear that you would like to invest, but at this stage we are not planning to raise any money publicly. Of course we might change our plans over the coming months, and we’ll be sure to give loyal O3 users the first opportunity in that case :wink:

I’m curious. How would you guys be able to do that? It seems like one of the only realistic ways, would be to go off of a list of who registered to receive airdrop updates, and when what was…
The only reason I seem skeptical is because projects say things like this, then you hear about a round of private investment first.

Well, we won’t be able to check who is who but we can see which address was created when and when it was used in O3. So let’s say a user that has been active on O3 since the early days signs up with their O3 address in the future, it can be cross-referenced without us contacting the person. Of course it requires the person himself to sign up, but that should not be a problem.

Anyway that is all hypothetical stuff, again we’re not sure if we are even going to raise any money :wink:

My opinion on that is, if you guys created such a good wallet & then, you quickly integrated a DEX that has been very reliable–you’ve done more than what ½ of all crypto projects haven’t --provide a working product

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My only suggestion would be to think about trying a different network. If a considerate portion of your user base is from US, then some of your users are truly unable to experience your product, like others are.

They can’t participate in KYC, so no airdrops and no ICOs from the entire NEO network. And that matter should have been solved, when Bitcoin and Ethereum were officialy reviewed and found, to not be Securities.

My point is that ultimately, NEO limits your global reach & it has had consistent network issues. O3 could join another network, or stand on its own like many other wallet based crypto projects like Ethos, Enjin, Brd, Eidoo & Trust…

Let me know if anything comes up.
Please e-mail, if possible.
Have a good week.