Gas is not syncronising properly


Hello Sir ,

Today , 8hr ago from now , the gas (NEO) was syncronising correctly but when i open the wallet few minutes ago , the gas sync tracker showing 0.00000000 and start syncronising and reach to 0.00000056 then I closed the app and again ope. Then Gas sync tracker was showing again 0.00000000 and start sync as fresh and move to 0.00000065 the I again close the app and again ope. And find Gas sync tracker again reset to 0.00000000 , then I open wallet in neo tracker and there showing 0.0144 Gas as unclaimed… Please help.


Hi O3
This sounds similar to what I’m experiencing, my GAS is definitely dodgy.
Just checked and it was 0.0000


Just seen the other post about Gas,
here is my address

Also not sure if it’s connected, but with the new swap feature it’s currently not possible to swap NEO for GAS or ONT this app was down yesterday too.
All the other cryptos work fine.


Hi, I’m experiencing same thing about the Gas, I haven’t even tach it the sync Gas then second time I opened my wallet it shows 0.000000 and started from there



This has to do with the NEL API, which we use and it is running behind on blocks. We have been using them for a while but are moving towards our own infrastructure already and the only thing that is left now for us to do is GAS claiming, hence the issue you are seeing. This issue is being worked on and hopefully should be solved in a couple of hours.

After we finish a few things we do no longer have to rely on external services and then these issues should happen a lot less, and even if they do we can fix them faster.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


I got problems with gas claiming today… Now this one


Hi there, can you check again? I think it should work now.


Doesn’t work. I’m beginning to worry about that… Hope I’m not loosing gas…


It doesn’t work neither using O3 desktop version…


It’s not possible to lose out on GAS, as the amount of GAS you received is always fixed per block and the NEO blockchain cannot be changed by anything or anyone. It’s just a matter of not being visible correctly to you.

As explained we are working on moving the GAS claiming API from external sources to our own sources so we can control it in the future. We’re investigating it now and in touch with NEL to solve this problem.

Please stay tuned, and know that you can claim all your GAS later when it’s solved.


Hello Sir , today again Same problem of neoGAS syncronisation , we are facing in android app that we had reported 5days ago. Please look in this issue.


Hello sir even I am facing issues with gas synchronization


Same problem here, 172 NEO in the wallet and 0 GAS, not even able to sync.


It’s true, problems again…


Sorry everyone, once again, we’re working on it and trying to get control on our side so we don’t have to rely on others. Please bear with us a bit longer. For now GAS Claiming seems to work again.


Im facing the same problem today.


Having a couple of issues. I haven’t been building up any GAS over the last 12 hours or more. Also, the prices are different between the first tab on the menu bar which shows the charts for all the wallets combined and the actual wallet tab. The prices are off by nearly $1. Not that big of a deal, but wanted to let you know about that.


Gas not synching and showing no neo despite neo being there. It’s been about 12 hours. Affects both mac and ios, so probably an api issue. Again … and again…



Apologies, NEL API is facing some issues. We are in touch with them to get it fixed and are working to move the GAS claiming to our own infrastructure so we can more easily prevent these things from happening.

Stay tuned, should be fixed in the next 12 hours. All the GAS you cannot see right now will be claimable after it’s back up.