Missing NEO N3 Wallet

Hi guys,

I upgraded my O3 wallet to the newest 3.8.7 version on November 1st.

I didn’t check my balance or my wallets back then, but today my NEO N3 wallet didn’t disappear anymore and the legacy Ledger wallet was still shown.

Do you have any idea how I can find my wallet again?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Olinel,

When did you create the N3 wallet and could you tell me the exact version number?


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Hi Caroline,

I created it on August 10th and updated it on November 1st. The current version number of my O3 wallet is 3.8.7 and on August 10th I downloaded version 3.8.1

Hi olinel,
The accidental wallet disappearance should be caused by reason as follows:
1 For users, if they use a lower version of the wallet 3.8.2, when Neo has made changes to the address rules, this situation will cause the loss of assets, and the assets can not be retrieved.
2 If the version is updated with 3.8.2 and above, the assets will not be lost, and the wallet will not disappear. The possible cause is that the system file was corrupted, causing the O3 wallet to fail to read the previous address.
3 It is possible that the user deleted the wrong wallet.

Hi Caroline,

it seems like the only viable reason would be 2.

Do you have any advice or ideas how to get the system file back?

Thank you.

There is a method to restore your wallet using password:

1 please go to this address:
C:\Users[your username]\AppData\Roaming\O3\storage
2 Find a file named nep6_neo3_wallet.json to restore your wallet.