O3 dApps for BTC

Now O3 supports BTC, so is it possible for a website to interact with O3 for :

  • connecting to the wallet to read the users’ BTC address
  • request to sign and broadcast a BTC tx

And does it catch the clicks on payment URIs? E.g. bitcoin:<output-address>?amount=0.123&label=Payment+description

Also would be awesome if the same integration will be done for other BTC-forked coins, like LTC, BCH, DOGE, DASH, etc.

Hi, Thanks for your comment and support for O3 team.
May I ask which website you want to interact with our BTC wallet?

Also in the latest version of iOS, you can see your payment detail by clicking more information, which connects to blockchain browser.

If you are android user, you can copy the tx hash or address by pressing it. More update for android is coming soon