O3 Native Trading Discussion

For all beta testers we just sent out invites on how to access the closed beta, you can use this thread to discuss anything related to the mobile trading on the O3 wallet. Or if you have any issues.

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Once you’re done testing we’d also appreciate, please fill out the comprehensive feedback form at


Now this is an app that really needs a beta. :stuck_out_tongue:
I am unable to conduct any testing of trading as the app crashes in the assets tab (the second from the left), and when I click on trading in the first and the third tab it brings me to the O3 website. The news section and the settings tab work OK. I have iOS 12.

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Hi, nice Ui for the wallet / trade aspects.
Placed an order today and got filled, trade balances wouldn’t update though until I restarted the app.
iPhone SE iOS 12


Is the direct wallet trade at mkt prices using switcheo still?
If so do we have anyway to decide on if to burn swth or the token on the commission?


Quite hard to find how to deposit from the burger menu icon.
I’d suggest a button in the asset page for the wallet section, or a pop up hen you click trade to advise to deposit


Thanks. We will check this.

Directly under the fee price there’s a button to switch from paying swth for fees or switching to paying in the coin u are trading. Swth is so low rite now, it reallymakes good economic sense to buy some and just use it to get half price fees. Swth is one of the higher volume coins so it’s handy holding.g them for some good swth swing trades too

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I can’t see that
iOS 12 iPhone SE

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I believe Sydal is refering to the Switcheo interface, not the native trading interface in O3. At the moment, we don’t have an option to pay for fees with SWTH in the native interface.


Ok, so I downloaded the newest version of the app, 2.2.1, but the native trading does not work. Whatever asset I have, I cannot sell it. When I try to use the buttons below (25,%, 50% etc), nothing happens, and when I enter the amount by hand, I cannot click on the “Review and submit” button, it is greyed out.

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Hi Eustace,

It sounds like you have not added any funds into your trading account. In order to sell a token, you need to go over to the wallet tab, and click deposit on your trading account. Once you have deposited the tokens you wish to sell (it can take about 30 seconds sometimes) You should be able to head back over to the sell screen and create the order.

Hope this help! Let me know if you have nay other trouble.


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I thought that was only for Switcheo. Here is an area that could do with some help for the users, perhaps via a message of some sort? :slight_smile:

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I agree. We have a message in the Android version but it must have been missed in the iOS! We will get that fixed up soon.

The native trade actually uses switcheo APIs to make the trades behind the scenes. :slight_smile: