O3 - what is cooking?

Hi guys!

I just wanted to tell you I am very happy with your mobile app. I think that the fact you guys do not have live chat group is actually a plus, as it enables you to focus on development. :slight_smile: But once in a while, I would love to hear some updates or plans for the future. Like if there will be any new airdrops, when are more dapps expected, or other such info. If I can make a suggestion, I think that a dapp for the FTW lottery would be amazing for the app. :slight_smile:


Hey! Thank you so much for the great feedback! We love to hear from our users and appreciate the fact that you are interested in what we have in store :wink:

There’s a lot of stuff being ‘cooked’, just not a lot of stuff that we can share right now. We are working on an article explaining our vision and the steps we want to take to move forward. Hopefully we will be able to share that somewhere next month, and hopefully that gives some more clarification. We have been in talks with FTW, so who knows that might happen at some stage! Of course you can expect more airdrops, more dApps, but we don’t want to announce anything unless it’s really certain :wink:

We’ll try our best to keep you all updated a little bit more! Stay tuned!