ONG Claim Balance Stuck


I have a bag of ONT and ONG I moved to my O3 Wallet a few weeks ago and counting.

The claim balance has been the same since the day I moved into the wallet…

Any ideas as to why?

Yes, it is because every incoming or outgoing transaction causes your claimable ONG to fix. In the background more is accumulated, but it won’t show until you claim. So I suggest claiming once, then you can see the correct unclaimed ONG.

Appreciate that!

Exactly as you said

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My ONG “sync/claim” button is stuck on “claim” and will not update despite my having pressing the claim button a few times.

Once I press the “claim” button it gives me a notice that the ONG has been claimed but reverts to the original amount and remains stuck on “claim.” I then proceeded to see if the transaction had registered but it had not.

I’m curious whether this is a matter of not having no any ong in my wallet or whether I need to troubleshoot.

Hello, yes it’s probably because you don’t have any ONG in your wallet. Please check this topic:

I will close this topic now as it’s an old one.

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