ONG from where?


I’m thinking a couple of ONG in the O3 wallet would be nice now that we even can claim, but when I looked at the exchanges I already have previously used, none of them have ONG.

On coinmarketcap I see Bancor and Qryptos offer ONG trading.
Does anyone have experience with these and can tell which one is the best, and has the least hassle to change some coins to ONG (and less expensive for trading and withdrawal)?


It seems like very few exchanges have implemented ONG yet. I think the ONG you are seeing in Bancor and Qryptos is actually

instead of the Ontology Fas so be careful and make sure you’re not getting the ERC-20 ONG. My personal recommendation would be to wait it out, until it appears on one of the more common exchanges

Hi Andrei,

Thanks for your answer.
It was easy enough to register at Bancor, so after I did, it seems you can convert many different coins there. The ONG coin there, looks like, but is that not the correct one? It’s erc20 instead of nep5?

I’m devastated… I just wanted 1 ONG to start claiming :cry:

Who wants 1 DRGN (or 10) in exchange for equal value in ONG?

Hi Henry,

What you could try is to get the ONTO app and click log in/import with WIF (called private key in O3), then claim ONG there (as it is currently free to claim there temporarily). You don’t even have to log out from the O3 app, if you claim in ONTO then the ONG will also show up in O3.

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Thanks Arco,

I’ve successfully imported the WIF, and ONT balance is showing correct in the ONTO wallet.
But when I try to claim, Claimable is 0, and Unbound is 0.022xxxx.
So when I press Redeem this message shows:
No ONG to claim

Maybe I should just wait until it lands on exchanges, and then buy a few?!


Hi Henry,

Hmm, it’s so complicated… Unfortunately Ontology is not really helpful at the moment so we’ll find another way for you. Can you send me an email at with your wallet address?

Where can I get a couple ONG so I can move my Claimable ONG to my useable ONG?

Hi there,
Please check this topic! Cannot claim ONG? Want to request ONG? Check this topic

I am having same problem. i transferred ont to O3 wallet and now cannot send beacuse i dont have enough ong.
how to resolve it

You have got some ONG so should be able to claim now.