ONT token swap executed but no main net ONT received!



A couple of days ago I preformed a nep5 token swap of ONT in the O3 wallet. But after almost 2 days I still haven’t gotten the main net ONT tokens in my O3 wallet…

Countless topic on the internet say it would take up to… 24 hours when recieving main net ONT tokens.

Can you clarify?

170 ONT sent from my wallet (AVkMf3ntmnzkCcvhWYSGFh7Y8UbHcP4vcm)

Haven’t received anything back yet… Help…



Please be assured. The mainnet swap has officially ended in September, and after that the swap switched from 24 hours to once a month. Since your timing for the swap was late, it fell within the once a month period. I think the next date for the swap was 5th of January, so please wait a bit longer. If you want to be sure please contact Ontology.

Kind Regards,


Thank you very much! I have just received my tokens!

Love your wallet!