Ontology Mainnet

Just curious if there are plans to support the Ontology Mainnet so I can use O3 for both NEO and ONT when they do their token swap later this year?

Sorry if I’ve missed a news release on this earlier.

Hi there, we are looking into the options. The possible issue lies in the voting/claiming of ONG and how this process works. We would like to support it, but as of now can’t say we will be able to 100% sure.

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Hey Arco!

That is 100% fair! The fact that y’all are this far along in the consideration process is very good news from my point of view. I’m hoping that it is something you’ll be able to support too! Sounds like if you can, you will - but no way to commit at this point with some potential significant technical roadblocks that could disallow entirely.

Best of luck! Hopefully Ontology will use this as a demonstration of their interoperability plans :wink:


Once again - great work on this app - it gives me much hope for the success of the Smart Economy as a whole.

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Hi Nathan,

Thanks once again for your support! We love the positivity and it helps to keep us going!
Again, we’ll definitely try our best and we will let you know as soon as we have an idea whether it’s achievable or not :wink:


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I have sent my ont tokens from my neon wallet to O3 to be swapped. The tokens are already in my O3 wallet now. What should I do next?

If you have NEP5 ONT tokens in your wallet you should be able to see a token swap page in your wallet screen. If it’s there you just have to click the token swap button, fill in the amount you want to swap (it automatically fills in the max) and click send.

Please check this article for more info:


I have already sent you an e-mail regarding my question about the token swap. I have swapped my ONT tokens but I got the tokens back in the ONT balance in whole numbers and the fractional numbers went to the ONG token balance. Is this normal? Please advice. My wallet address is : ATLEXQYfYB3hdZmrVXvVvUEJC4eVrHwPiG


I didn’t receive an email but saw your other post on the community forum. It should not become ONG, that is something you receive separately for owning ONT :wink: